Purpose Statement

Empowering future generations                                                                                                                          One family at a time                                                                                                                                                     One child at a time                                                                                                                                                        To live for Christ for a lifetime.                                                                         


Share in the Gospel
Use a variety of avenues to tell the story of the Bible
Make church the best part of the week
Make an environment for worship
Impress on children and families the truthfulness of scripture
Take time to empower families to nurture Christian fellowship

In an attempt to create a safe environment, we screen and train volunteers and utilize a check-in process. On Sunday mornings, families should check-in all Basecamp, Trekkers, and Climbers children at the Trailhead. Click here for the Check-in Process Overview and the Registration Form required for first-time visitors. 

Classes & Learning Objectives


Nursery & Toddlers: Building trust

  • God made the world.
  • God made me.
  • God loves me.
  • Jesus wants to be my friend.

4-K: Sharing stories

  • God made me special.
  • Jesus loves me and died for me.
  • The church is my family.
  • I can love and serve others.
  • I can talk to God.

1st-2nd Grade: Connecting stories to reality

  • God made me with a purpose, and I can trust Him.
  • Sin is in the world and in my life.
  • The church is a body, and I am a part of it.
  • Jesus loves me and shows me how to live.
  • I can learn about God in the Bible.
  • I can praise God and tell Him anything in prayer.

3rd-5th Grade: Bridging Biblical truth and life

  • God is calling me to love and serve Him and others.
  • I am empowered by God through the Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus came to earth, died, and rose again, so that the world and I can be free from sin and have eternal life.
  • Christ gives me new life and walks with me in my struggles.
  • The Bible is God's Holy Word that reveals who He is and how we should live.
  • For 6th-12th grade students.  Please see our Student page.


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