At BPC we offer Elevate, a 6th-9th grade ministry which meets Sunday Mornings for Sunday School and every Sunday night. 


 - Learning Objectives

Living out faith

  • God has given me gifts, and He wants to use me for His Kingdom purposes by the power of His Spirit.
  • The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one, Triune God working together in love.
  • I am a member of the church with much to contribute.
  • Reading the Bible helps me to understand God, Creation, and my relationship with God.
  • Honest prayer deepens my relationship with God through praise, confession, and supplication.
  • Through the sacrifice of Jesus, I am justified by faith and can witness to my faith as I grow in Christlikeness. 

For more information about Elevate or to find out how to participate, please email Brian Petry or call Brian at 720.745.2474 and Jenni Petry at 608.322.7049.


Also, at Bergen Park Church, we partner with Intermountain Young Life to minister to high school students. Young Life is a local outreach ministry that is all about life change for lost kids. Our leaders spend countless hours earning the right to be a part of students’ lives and introducing them to the person of Jesus. 

To learn more and get involved, contact Andy Morman at  303.815.9278 or