Sunday, May 26, 2019, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Location: Bergen Park Church, 31919 Rocky Village Drive, Evergreen, CO US 80439

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Entire cultures have been transformed by simply changing this question . . .

From: How do we get ourselves to the water? . . .

To: How do we get the water to us?


Questions have amazing power. Questions automatically start us looking. Questions can jolt people awake. Questions can stimulate new ideas. Questions can open eyes to see new places and new ways of doing things. Chad Holliday, former chairman of the Board and CEO of Dupont, once said, “I find that when someone engages me in a question, it wakes me up. I’m in a different place.”


It's smart to ask powerful questions, because:

  • Questions draw out the other person's thinking, ideas, and perspectives.

  • Questions increase ownership–the answers are theirs.

  • Questions may produce new learning–for them and for you.

  • Questions show respect–for their ideas, thinking, and them as people.

  • Beginning with a question makes a powerful statement about your trust and respect for the person and creates greater openness to your input.

Powerful questioning is the ability to ask questions that reveal what is needed for maximum benefit to the relationship.

Register for this free two-hour workshop led by Dr. Walt Hastings, Master Certified Coach. Learn what kinds of questions open up a conversation and those that shut down a conversation. See how the way you ask questions greatly impacts your relationships at home, at work and at school. Lunch will be provided, so registration is required and is limited to the first 30 persons. Contact Walt Hastings by e-mail at

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