1. How can we contact the transition team with questions, comments, or anything else?

     Please send us an email at 

2. How will the search process be conducted?

     Each of the 7 team members has a specific role and the team will be meeting and praying together on a regular basis.  We want to “cast a wide net” so to speak, as to reach as many possible candidates as we can.  We will utilize a proprietary nationwide database of pastors who are actively seeking or are open to a new Lead Pastor role. The database includes EFCA pastors or pastors who are interested in joining the EFCA.  Detailed job descriptions will also be published at various seminaries and we may utilize other pastoral search websites and other search tools as well.  We believe God already knows who our next Lead Pastor will be and through faithful prayer and his work through the team, the top candidate will be identified.  

3. If I know of a Pastor who may be interested will the transition team consider this person?

     Yes!  Please contact the team via email.  They will be evaluated using the same criteria as all other candidates.

4. What education requirements must a candidate possess to be considered?

     A minimum of a Masters of Divinity degree from an accredited institution.

5. What theological standards must a new candidate agree with?

     Theology will be a big part of the evaluation process.  We want the theology and teaching of a new candidate to be consistent with the Core Values and beliefs of Bergen Park Church.  The new candidate must agree with the BPC “Statement of Faith”, without exception.

6. Is there anything I can do to help?

     Foremost, we ask for your prayers.  Please pray for the transition team and who God is calling to be our new Lead Pastor.  Pray for a smooth transition with the Lords workmanship in each step of the process.  Also, please attend the congregational meetings to hear the updates of the team.  

 7. How long will the search process take until a new pastor is confirmed and hired?

     This is in God’s hands.  A successful pastor search could take up to 12-18 months but our hope is to bring a candidate to the Elders and congregation sometime during the Spring, 2017.

 8. Are both men and women being considered for the new Lead Pastor role?

     Only men are being considered.  Women may serve in any capacity within the church with the exception of Elder and Lead Pastor.  

9. Will the congregation get to hear the man recommended to become our new Lead Pastor preach before he is hired?

     Yes!  The team and Elders will bring our top candidate to BPC to meet with the congregation and preach during a Sunday morning service.   

10. Will the congregation have an opportunity to vote to confirm on the candidate before he is hired for the Lead Pastor role?

     Yes.  A 75% approval of members of the BPC congregation is required by our church constitution to confirm a new Lead Pastor.

11. How many potential candidates will be brought before the congregation?

     The transition team plans to bring our top candidate who we believe will be the best person to serve as our new Lead Pastor.  This candidate will be approved by the Board of Elders prior to them being invited to preach and before a congregational vote. 

 12. What if a new Lead Pastor is not hired by the time Jim retires?

     An interim pastor/preacher will be asked to serve and the search process will continue.

13.  Are qualified members of the congregation being considered?

     We will consider every candidate who expresses interest in the position.