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The Difference Faith Makes

The Difference Faith Makes

Jun 11, 2017

Passage:Mark 6:1-13

Preacher: Jim Demolar

Series: Son of God


The Difference Faith Makes | Mark 6:1-13


  1. What from the passage or message caught your attention, confused, encouraged or made you want to dig deeper? Share it now when it is still fresh in your memory.


  1. Looking at chapter 5 and 6:1-13 as a whole unit, what does Jesus do and not do with the following people?

Mark 5:1-20 – Healing the many possessed by many demons

Mark 5:21-43 – Healing a bleeding woman and reviving a dead girl

Mark 6:1-6 – Teaching and ministering in Nazareth

Mark 6:7-13 – Sending out the disciples as his representatives


  1. From what you observe from these accounts and your own life experiences, why does Jesus do astounding things in some places and nearly nothing in others? What connection do you see between the power of Jesus and the faith of those he deals with?  What teaching most influences you regarding the relationship of people’s faith and God’s supernatural power?


  1. From Jesus sending of the 12 in verses 6-13, what instructions does he give them and why would these be important? Reviewing his original choosing of these disciples in chapter 3:13-19 what was Jesus goal for them and how has he accomplished this goal in the next chapters?  Read ahead in chapter 6:30-32 along with 6:12-13 and describe the results of this first “mission trip.”


  1. What experiences have you had that caused you to live by faith, share your faith, or be rejected for your faith? How do those past experiences shape your life today?


  1. Where is Jesus sending you today as his representative? What responses are you finding?  What is happening to your faith through these experiences?