May 2017 - Letter from the Transition Team

Dear Bergen Park Church,

The Pastoral Transition Team has been working through a systematic process of identifying a final pastoral candidate since early September 2016 when Pastor Jim Demolar announced his upcoming retirement.

Throughout this search we asked God to guide us every step of the way, praying that He would lead us to focus on the candidates He wanted us to consider most closely. The qualities we sought in a candidate were numerous and together set very high expectations for our next lead pastor. These qualities centered on a deep and abiding love for Jesus, humble and mature Christian character, strategic leadership skills, experience providing direction and guidance for ministries, strong preaching skills, effective listening skills, and a firm commitment to our core values.

We attended a training given by Greg Fell, our Evangelical Free Church district superintendent, and we gathered a variety of other pastoral search resources. Our process then included: writing a team vision statement, drafting a church profile and pastor profile, creating a detailed position description, posting the position at 7 seminaries across the country, prayerfully evaluating more than 150 potential candidates, working together in 30 weekly team meetings, countless hours of research and listening to sermons, 8 initial interviews, 6 in-depth interviews, four background checks, two candidate visits to Evergreen, two transition team visits to candidate churches, ten reference calls, and continual prayer.     

God faithfully and clearly led us to the candidate we are bringing before you as our final candidate. It is with unity, confidence and much joy that we introduce you to the man we believe God has prepared to be Bergen Park Church’s next Lead Pastor.  

– BPC Transition Team




 4/9/2017 Update

After prayerful consideration of many candidates over the past 8 months, the Transition Team is pleased to announce that we have made our recommendation for the next Lead Pastor at Bergen Park Church.  This man has been approved by the BPC Elder Board and has recently accepted an offer of employment!  He and his family are planning to come to Evergreen the weekend of May 20th - 21st, where the congregation will have an opportunity to meet with them and hear him preach a sermon.  There will be a Q&A session after the Sunday morning service which will be immediately followed by the congregational member vote for his confirmation.  

The 7 members of the Transition Team sincerely appreciate your prayers and support during the last 8 months as we have been seeking the Lord's leading for who will become our next Lead Pastor.  The Team is very excited to introduce you to this man and his family and we are hoping for an overwhelming majority vote for his confirmation on May 21st.  More details will be shared in the coming weeks.  We appreciate your continued prayer and support during this exciting time and for the next chapter at Bergen Park Church.

1/26/2017 Update

Through God’s blessing the transition team has recently had the opportunity to conduct in-depth interviews with some very high quality men who are interested in the Lead Pastor position at BPC.  We will continue the interview process which will be expanded to include reference and background checks and in the meantime, continue evaluating new resumes which come in almost every day.  We thank you for your prayers and are continually seeking God’s direction as we navigate through this time of transition at Bergen Park.   There will be a short congregational update during the service on 1-29-2017 and please feel free to contact us anytime via email at  .

12/5/2016 Update

Thank you for your continued support and prayer as the Transition Team is seeking the Lord’s guidance in determining who will serve as our new Lead Pastor.  We continue to meet each week and are still receiving a steady level of interest from candidates all over the country and beyond.  The team is now working parallel paths as we have begun to conduct some short phone interviews, while continuing to evaluate new candidates who have expressed their interest to serve.  We look forward to God’s direction as the process continues and certainly appreciate your ongoing prayer and support.


11/6/2016 Update

Resume’s continue to come in almost daily.  The team is evaluating each candidate both objectively and subjectively and is making good progress.  We expect the  interview process to begin soon.  Please continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance and direction.  As always, please email us with your comments and questions anytime at  .

10/14/2016 Update

The search for a new Lead Pastor is underway and we can see God is truly blessing the transition team and the process.  Our prayers for wisdom and guidance continue as He calls a new Lead Pastor to BPC.  The team has been meeting every week, since the beginning of September and things have been progressing well.  Detailed job descriptions for the Lead Pastor role have been posted at a number of seminary’s.  Additionally, the Team is utilizing a proprietary EFCA database and search process to identify pastors who may fit well at BPC.  Currently, we are reviewing 40-50 potential candidates’ resume’s, sermons, etc.  A congregational meeting is scheduled for November 6th, 2016 where we plan to have additional updates and time for Q&A.  As always, please email us with your comments and questions anytime at 


Thanks & God Bless,

-BPC Transition Team