Growth Groups at Bergen Park Church are focused on transformational growth in community.  


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we think it's important to travel with others. That's why we have Growth Groups. You don't have to know all the answers and it's okay if you don't fully understand what it means to be a Christian. Here you will find people who will affirm and value you for who you are. Our dream is that group members will connect with each other, learn from the Bible, and serve the community in which they live. 

To get involved, email Jonah Haddad at


What is a Growth Group?

Most Growth Groups consist of 8-12 members, meet every other week, and generally meet in the home of one of the group members.

Although the makeup and atmosphere of the groups vary, there are some common elements including a relaxed atmosphere for the development of relationships, studying of Scripture, sharing of insights and ideas, and supporting and praying for each other.

Current Groups [Updated February 2019]


Coaching: Cindy Mauldin
Volunteer coaches will walk alongside small group leaders to provide support and encouragement.
Communication: Pam Montgomery
Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to join a small group. We are developing a plan that will include the communication methods available at BPC, including the Sunday program and announcements, the BPC Website, BPC’s monthly newsletter, the Connect Center, and Facebook, as well as some new ideas, e.g., displaying an electronic bulletin board, and providing laptops to be able to sign up easily.
DNA Groups: Brad Hargrave 
DNA stands for Discover - Nurture - Act. Typically this is a group of three to four people of the same gender. Their primary purpose is discipleship - helping each member grow in Christ through the Holy Spirit. A group’s journey will address four key questions: Who is God? What has he done? Who are we (in light of that)? What do we do (how do we live)? 
Evangelism: Bob Weszely
As those outside the church may have a skeptical view of Christians, living out our faith is tremendously significant. To that end, small groups will be encouraged to incorporate evangelism as a value, promote events to which non-Christian friends are invited, pray for those friends, be intentional about spending time with them and, during group meetings, consider including an “Empty Chair,” to represent those who would benefit from being part of the group.
Fellowship Groups: Tony and Margi Kaspari
These groups are designed to bring together like-minded individuals that enjoy common interests to journey together as they participate in activities such as skiing, hiking, bowling, cooking, and arts and crafts.
Good Grief Group: Sharon Hastings
All of us will walk through grief sometime in our lives. If this is your season, please join us in supporting one another for this grief group, open to church members and those in the community. Thursday, March 14, 6 p.m., at the church. 
Nurture Groups: Jim Viellenave
These are open, growing groups, anchored in the Word, where deep caring and fellowship blossom. Nurture groups look out for opportunities to share Christ’s love with others by outreach and service.
Table Connections: Chuck and Ann Yetzbacher
This is a really fun, easy way to meet people. After a successful three-week sign-up process, six dinner groups have been formed. You will hear from your leaders soon.
Topic-Based Groups: David Schroeder
These short-term groups will meet to explore a certain topic, for example, the recently completed 10-week Crown Financial Principles of Financial Management study. Other studies may include a book, e.g., The Screwtape Letters; the basic tenets of the Christian Faith; or any topic in Christian thought and practice.