Growth Groups at Bergen Park Church are focused on transformational growth in community.  


No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we think it's important to travel with others. That's why we have Growth Groups. You don't have to know all the answers and it's okay if you don't fully understand what it means to be a Christian. Here you will find people who will affirm and value you for who you are. Our dream is that group members will connect with each other, learn from the Bible, and serve the community in which they live. 

To get involved, email Jonah Haddad at


What is a Growth Group?

Most Growth Groups consist of 8-12 members, meet every other week, and generally meet in the home of one of the group members.

Although the makeup and atmosphere of the groups vary, there are some common elements including a relaxed atmosphere for the development of relationships, studying of Scripture, sharing of insights and ideas, and supporting and praying for each other.