We do not have a formal offering during our Sunday services, but do offer several ways to give:

Online Giving

You can give right here using our trusted giving partner Mogiv. The form below can be used to create both one-time and recurring gifts. To get started, setup your gift and click the "I don't have an account" button. 

To make updates to your account, or to view your giving history, please click here to access your Mogiv account.

Use our giving envelope and drop off your gift at the offering plates located at the entrance to the sanctuary. Checks should be made out to Bergen Park Church.

Automatic Bank Withdrawals:

You can set up recurring or scheduled gifts through your bank. Contact your bank to find out how.

 As a church, we rely on the generosity of our attendees to support our building needs, church staff, community outreach and global support.

We believe that people who choose to give, will do so with a willing heart. And we are constantly amazed by how God meets the needs of this ministry through the changed hearts that believe in the work they give to.