BOLT Information

We are SO glad that you are interested in our kid’s mid-week program. We have a TON of fun each Wednesday from September through April. We hope you check it out!

2021-2022 Calendar


SCHEDULE: Each evening the children will enjoy an opening ceremony, games, life skills and a Bible lesson.

Last years’ Life Skill and Bible units included: Trail Hikes, Baking, Secret Codes and Standing Up To Bullies, Men & Women of Character, Putting God First and What is Prayer.

CHECK IN/OUT: You may drop your child off and have them sign in if you desire, but you are required to sign your child out. For security reasons, all pick up people MUST be listed on your authorized list and MUST be prepared to show their Driver’s License. Please pick up your child promptly at 7:00pm.

SCHEDULE: We will begin each night promptly at 5:30pm with our opening ceremony. Please try to have your child checked in and ready to go by that time.

Each night is broken into three sections:

5:30-5:50pm          Opening Ceremony & Bible Lesson
5:50-6:10pm          Games (Boys), Life Skills (Girls)
6:10-6:30pm          Games (Girls), Life Skills (Boys)
6:30-7:00                 Small Group time (All)

Game time may be outside (weather permitting) so please send your child with appropriate clothing/footwear. Children will not be able to participate if they have open toes/heels.

CURRICULUM: In case you’re wondering, the BOLT concept and materials comes from a Christian Children’s Ministry organization called Pioneer Clubs. They have been around for 80 years, and we loved their focus, having both a Scripture learning emphasis and a Life Skills component. B.O.L.T. is an acronym for:

B – Bible
O – Outreach
L – Life Skills
T – Transformation

At the beginning of the year, your child will be given a book which will cover all of the Bible lessons and Life Skill units for the year. Most Units are 4 weeks long, after which, if ALL of the work is completed, children will receive cloth patch Awards (which can be attached to their BOLT Tote Bag). If they lose their book, a replacement can be purchased for $15.

HOMEWORK: Each week there will be a memory verse to learn, one Bible page to complete, as well as any Life Skills work which needs to be done. The memory verses are listed in the back of your child’s book. See your individual teacher for more information.

BOLT BIBLE TROPHY: For those who complete their entire book, they will  earn the BOLT Bible Award Trophy at the end of the year. The requirements include completing ALL units in their book as well as learning the Memory Verses. 

AWARD NIGHTS are scheduled after each unit (usually 4 times each year) and you are invited to join us at 6:45pm to watch the awards being presented to the students. 

BOLT BUCKS: This is a weekly reward system which will accumulate towards a prize at the end of each quarter. Points will be awarded for attendance, bringing their Bible, Tote & Guide books, wearing their T-Shirt (or costume on special nights), completing their Take Home page, church/Sunday school attendance and learning Memory Verses. 

Finally, you should be receiving weekly emails – please let us know if you are not.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You can also call the church at (303) 674-5484 or email at . Also, if you would like to assist with our BOLT program in any way, please let us know!

Janine McNally, Children’s Ministry Director