Below you will find resources for both you and your family. 
FREE APP - No one is too young or small to know and worship God, and we want to be a big part in enabling this to happen. So, Allstars Kids Club is a UK based not-for-profit Kids Media and Worship ministry who’s aim is to highlight, provide, produce and create the best in creative Kids media that reaches children all over the world and give loads of glory to God.
FREE APP - No one is too young or small to know and worship God, and we want to be a big part in enabling this to happen. So, Allstars Kids Club is a UK based not-for-profit Kids Media and Worship ministry who’s aim is to highlight, provide, produce and create the best in creative Kids media that reaches children all over the world and give loads of glory to God.
FREE APP. GodTube is a Christian video sharing website that exploded onto the scene in 2007 where it was the fastest growing US website by later that same year.
FREE APP. Valued By God is an ever growing library of fun, faith-based videos. VBG has creative videos and printable activity sheets equip parents and teachers with God’s truths! They specialize in entertainment for special needs children.
FREE APP YouVersion is a Christian ministry with the mission of helping people engage with the Bible. Their Bible app for kids is musical, animated and interactive!
Great kids magazine
Weekly audio adventures for kids.
Bibleman and his trusty sidekicks have been sharing the Truth with kids and using God’s Word to fight fear, despair, pride, and a myriad of other issues along the way. His mission has always remained the same: share God’s Word and teach children to rely on Him at all times.
Missionary adventures, Bible lessons, action-packed songs, and more!
This ministry is designed to help parents and teachers explain Biblical truths to their kids in a way that’s fun and easy to understand. I believe that one of the best ways to teach (especially when teaching kids) is through stories. Jesus used parables to explain difficult concepts to His disciples, and Douglas uses stories from his life to explain what he’s learning about God’s plan for his life, and for yours! Join Douglas as he learns to live and love God’s way!
HoneyWord publishes creative Christian books and online content that help people remember God's word, daily. HoneyWord is the only method that intentionally engages both sides of the brain—so God’s Word “clicks” in your mind and “sticks” to your heart—for a lifetime. They also have a free app!
JellyTelly is continually working with the top creators in Christian family entertainment to provide new and classic shows the whole family will love. You can feel good about the shows and movies that lead your kids into a life of faith where they walk with God every day.
Miss PattyCake exists to share God’s BIG LOVE with little lives, and help parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers teach God’s Word through music, stories, scripture, and fun activities. She does this through biblically based resources and live appearances, and assists in the Kingdom work of spiritual formation.
Videos, puppets, object lessons and more!
Pure Flix's mix of family-friendly and Christian entertainment includes movies for all ages, kid’s animated titles, documentaries, inspirational, and much more. All titles are delivered in the highest resolution possible and with a user-friendly experience on a variety of devices.
RevelationMedia is on the forefront of delivering engaging and culturally relevant animated films. Films that promote Biblical literacy, discipleship and world evangelism.
Slugs & Bugs rejects the compartmentalization of life into sacred and secular and declares with great gusto that Christ is the head of all things.
VeggieTales was created by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki to produce children's videos which conveyed Christian moral themes and taught Biblical values and lessons.
This video series provides kids a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith that can launch them on a lifelong walk with God.
Kid's worship music you want to hear: great melodies that are easy to sing, production quality that sounds like the songs on the radio, energetic kids voices singing and worshipping, and God’s Word at the center of it all.
The music of Go Fish has revolutionized the world of worship in the area of children's ministry. Utilizing high energy music, easy to learn motions, and theologically sound lyrics, these videos will engage children and leaders alike!
Hillsong believes that teaching children to love God and others takes place in both the home and in the church. Through fun experiences, meaningful music and ministry that encourages kids to participate, they present Jesus Christ and His Church in a relevant way, creating moments which children will never forget.
Integrity Kids is a component of the Integrity Music label, but their mission remains: They aim to help people worldwide experience the manifest presence of God through worship.
God has given Ron and Jana a knack for creating catchy, biblical songs for kids. Ron produces these with such excellence that adults enjoy them as much as the kids! Jana makes an immediate connection with kids, grabs their attention, draws them in, gets them involved, and brings the songs to life for them.
The ministry and music of Mary Rice Hopkins is timeless. Her simple yet profound melodies have captured the hearts of children and families for over 30 years around the world. Mary has
produced 30 CD’s and 6 DVD’s.
JumpStart3 makes scripture memory songs that kids love, combined with timeless truths from the Bible. It gives kids and parents a chance to listen to catchy music—not only hearing decent lyrics but helping you to memorize scripture! Each new album release adapts to changing music styles to stay current!
Great Christian music and stories for kids. Learn, laugh, love guaranteed!
Seeds Family Worship is music-based ministry that creates modern word for word scripture songs for kids and families to learn and memorize the Bible. Also, when you purchase from Seeds, you are supporting Seeds missionaries & missions around the world.
Swordsmith records qnique music that will cause you to spontaneously dance and sing through the halls to our upbeat, HIGH-ENERGY, pop songs, but you'll be learning verses from the Bible that will stick in your hearts and brain for a lifetime.
If you want your kids to have "Jesus on their mind" every day of the week. Rob Biagi has clever and memorable music! He has done kid's worship since 1999 and is on iTunes and YouTube.
The Donut Man is known for his fun Bible story-songs on DVDs, CDs and live concerts. Each CD centers on knowing and praising a different aspect of God's Character. DVDs add a story-line to the songs.
The Lads are a music ministry for kids and families. They aim to reach and teach this new generation about God using music, live concerts, videos, curriculum and even a TV show. They also produce a kids worship series called BIG BIG WORSHIP.
This band sings Scripture verses in the form of upbeat, kid-friendly music.
A platform of discovery and information that helps instill biblical principles in kids ages 0-18.
Enjoy this award-winning video series that features stories of heroes and heroines of the Christian faith.
Free videos for kids
This video series provides kids a foundational knowledge of the Bible and of their faith that can launch them on a lifelong walk with God.
WorshipHouse Kids offers children's worship media resources to help make learning about God fun, interactive, & meaningful. You can find the best in kids worship videos, Christian worship songs, and church curriculum to make a lasting imprint on little lives.
With a myriad of creative channels, an unflinching commitment to evangelism and a heart of worship at every diverse turn, Yancy Ministries is rapidly becoming a premiere destination for uplifting entertainment and church resources.

  • One Year of Dinner Table Devotions and Discussion Starters by Nancy Guthrie
  • Faith Conversations for Families by Jim Burns
  • Instant Family Devotions by Mike Nappa and Jill Wuellner
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones
  • Once-a-Day at the Table Family Devotional by Christopher Hudson
  • Family Talk: Faith Edition by Continuum Games
  • Kids Pack – Visual Faith Printed Card Set by Vibrant Faith
  • Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours by Kevin Lehman
  • Love and Logic,
  • Pass it One: Building a Legacy of Faith for Your Children Through
  • Practical and Memorable Experiences by Jim Burns
  • Spiritual Parenting by Michelle Anthony & David C Cook
  • Effective Parenting in a Defective World Focus on the Family
  • Art of Parenting The Art of Parenting: Aiming Your Child's Heart
  • Toward God by Dennis & Barbara Rainey (Family Life)
  • Free email parenting tips
  • When Helping Hurts (Corbett & Fikkert)
  • When Children Grieve: For Adults to Help Children Deal with Death,
  • Divorce, Pet Loss, Moving, and Other Losses by John W. James
  • Stephen Ministry -
  • Hope 4 Hurting Kids (wide range of topics) -
  • Living Free (groups, curriculum, and resources for all ages) -
  • Contact information for local and trusted pediatricians, pediatric psychologists, and counselors
  • The Stages of Grief -
  • Grief Share -
  • Video/Info About Grieving Children -
  • Kinder Mourn -
  • Grief is not a permanent condition.” - B J Funk
  • Hope 4 Hurting Kids Resources on Grief -
  • Someone I Love Died by Christine Harder Tangvald (written for ages 4-8)
  • The Memory Box – A Book about Grief
  • God Gave us Heaven
  • Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, Financial Peace (class) and/or personal connection with an ELP -

  • Crown Financial Ministries -

  • Local food banks and organizations that help with utility bills

  • Folks in your church family who enjoy anonymous giving when families are in financial crisis

  • How to Explain a Diagnosis to a Child: An Interactive Resource Guide for Parents and Professionals by Janet Arnold and Francine McLeod

  • “Explaining a Cancer Diagnosis to Your Child” -

  • Contact information for local support communities

  • Empowered to Connect (podcast, conference, huge resource library) -

  • Trust Based Relational Intervention (find a TBRI practitioner in your area)

  • The Connected Child: Bring Hope & Healing to Your Adoptive Family by Purvis/Cross/Sunshine

  • Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: A Love-Based Approach to Helping

  • Attachment-Challenged Children with Severe Behaviors by Forbes/Post

  • Tapestry Ministry -

  • Refresh Gatherings (conferences, retreats, camps) -

  • Addiction Resource -

  • Effects of Parental Substance Abuse on Children And Families” -

  • Contact and meeting information for local recovery groups