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All Things Well

All Things Well

Jul 30, 2017

Passage:Mark 7:31-37

Preacher: Jim Demolar

Series: Son of God


All Things Well

1. What from the message or passages in Mark caught your attention, confused, encouraged or challenged you? Share those thoughts now as they are fresh.
2. These two passages recite two healing miracles of Jesus. On the surface simply describe what those miracles are. What does Jesus do for these two men that restores their lives physically?
3. Notice also in the following verses how Jesus heals them. What are the methods, detail similarities, differences and perhaps the reasons for Jesus acting in these ways?
Mark 7:32 Mark 8:22
Mark 7:33-34 Mark 8:23
Mark 7:35-36 Mark 8:24-25
Mark 8:26
4. What do you learn about Jesus as the Son of God from your insights above of these two events? How would you describe his character from question #3?
5. From your experience where have you seen Jesus do immediate and complete work in your life and others? Where have you seen a “second touch” necessary in your life and others?
6. If you were to describe what Jesus is doing in your life at this moment to a Christian friend, what would you say? How would you describe that same work to a skeptic?