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Getting it Right; Wishing It's Wrong

Getting it Right; Wishing It's Wrong

Aug 13, 2017

Passage:Mark 8:27-38

Preacher: Jim Demolar

Series: Son of God


1. From the passage and message, what catches your attention, confuses, challenges or encourages you? Share it now as it is fresh in your mind and you are eager to learn.
2. Trace from your life’s history any stages you went through in your understanding of Jesus of Nazareth. When did he become Savior? What other roles has he played in your life?
3. When Jesus asks his disciples, “Who do people say I am?” he hears what his disciples have been hearing dealing with the crowds. With the answers he received, share what you know about each of those figures.
o John the Baptist
o Elijah
o One of the prophets
o Other names or titles he has been given by followers or opponents in the following verses: 3:21, 4:41, 6:3, 14-15, and Jesus own title in 8:31.
4. What 4 things in verse 31 does Jesus say will happen to him as the Son of Man, and how would his prophecies differ from the disciples’ expectations?
5. From your personal experience what is worse “cross” you have had to take up for following Jesus from verses 34-37? How has this shaped how you live out your faith?
6. If you were to get real with a new believer, what cautions would you give? What stories would you tell? How would you share that following Jesus is worth the cost?